Caesarean Birth Plan - Making Caesarean Birth Special


It can make a big difference to a caesarean birth experience to think about what is important to you about birth and how you can keep some of those elements when a caesarean birth takes place. Caesareans are births, and like any birth there are often many ways that the event can be enhanced or personalised. Below is a listed of options that have been arranged by women when their babies have been born by caesarean. Everybody is different and we would be surprised if anyone felt all of the things appealed to them. This is given as a list of ideas to help you think about and plan for a really good birth experience.

For example:

This is based on normal practice in the UK where it is usual for the woman's birth partner to remain with her throughout the operation. We understand that in some hospitals it is the practice for the birth partner (usually the father) to leave theatre with the baby while the operation is completed. We feel such a policy should be challenged since women should not be left alone and unsupported at such an emotionally crucial time. In most cases the baby will be well and there are important reasons why the new family should not be separated, and why the normal process of bonding should be encouraged.

We would be very interested to hear other choices that women have made for their caesarean births and would like to be able to add more ideas to this list.

Gina Lowdon and Debbie Chippington Derrick, June 2004


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