Caesarean Scar Pictures


This is a collection of pictures that women, worldwide, have kindly agreed to share.

We feel these pictures will provide a resource that will be useful to many groups:

Please help us to grow this resource. If you are prepared to share your photograph, could you please send it to along with the following details, which we hope are sufficient to put each picture in context:

It would be useful for us to have your name, but this will absolutely NOT appear on the site. If there are comments that you would like to include about the scar then please let us know those too.

In some of the pictures the scar itself is not visible due to the "caesarean overhang", in others women have held up an overhang for the scar to be seen clearly. We are aware that this is an issue for some caesarean mothers, but not others. Some mothers who have not had a caesarean say they also have a similar "overhang". We are not aware of any other information or research in this area.

There also seems to be an issue about how the tissue feels under the skin, and recently we have found that in some cases the fat layers are sutured back together, but not in others. We speculate that this may have a cosmetic impact. We note that on several of the pictures the skin seems to be indented in the area of the scar.

The pictures are arranged in four groups: the first group includes pictures showing the scar with stitches or staples still in place; the second group shows the scar during the early days/weeks; the third group shows healed scars; and the final group includes pictures of infected scars

Scar Pictures

Scars with stitches or staples in place
Scars during the early weeks
Healed Scars
Infected Scars


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